free shipping on orders over $100!!

free shipping on orders over $100!!

Our Story

we all have those moments - those little moments of time where you feel the most grounded, centered, in alignment with your highest self & who you were created to be. they can be micro moments or something spectacular. for me, I most often experience those moments when I’m going for a walk at sunrise with my pup. when i’m setting my intention at the beginning of a hot yoga class. the last mile of my run, looking at the lake with beautiful fall-colored leaves surrounding. these are the moments that allow my breathing to slow and mind to center and heart to align.

it’s like golden hour, but softer, more beautiful, and deeply rooted at your core. It’s beige hour.

i wanted to create a line of products that inspire you to find + create those moments in your day. to motivate you to put on a chic & flattering matching workout set and book the hot yoga class. or throw on a sweatshirt with leggings and get outside for a walk to really connect with yourself and your Maker. beige hour is all about those micro moments in your day where you truly feel your best from the inside out, grounded in the person you were created be.

beige hour is much more than a workout line: it is a moment for movement that encourages you to live in alignment with the woman you were created to be.
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